Virginia Bobro

Offering nourishing, radical, and creative spaces

globally, one-on-one, and online

for those who are searching, striving, struggling, and change-seeking.






Are you in the midst (or aftermath) of an intense or transformative period of change, upheaval, or transition (planned or not)? Pregnancy, birth, or parenting; grief, loss, illness or injury; divorce or betrayal; relocation or job loss-- whatever the powerful catalyst in your life, it holds the opportunity for insight, growth, power, intimacy, and creativity. I offer imaginative, nurturing, and solution-focused individual and group experiences to support and empower you as move through change and unfold into your authentic and vibrant self.

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About Me

Who I am, what I do, and how I move through the world have been shaped by many forces. I've birthed and raised three wonderful children to adulthood. I am an artist, storyteller, mentor, traveler, healer, coach, writer, dancer, trainer, and business leader. My passion, focus, experience, and talent is in offering compassionate creative processes and deep inquiry to those courageous enough to pursue a wholehearted life.

For over twenty years, I've been educating, supporting, and counseling expectant and new families as they transition through birth and into parenthood (as a lactation counselor, doula, and childbirth educator).  As a trainer and managing director for Birthing From Within for ten years, I've developed and led many trainings and programs, giving me the amazing gift of traveling the world and working with thousands of parents and birth professionals.

- Virginia




Hungry for a delicious, nourishing place to reflect and create?

Virginia Bobro creates fabulous virtual and in-person retreats on a variety of topics. Events can be tailored for parents, women, healers, perinatal professionals, and anyone craving a restorative and creative space away from ordinary life. All retreats encompass mindfulness, guided art-making, journaling, movement, individual and group processes, ceremony, and storytelling. Participants will come away with an open heart and new perspective. 



Are you ready to deepen and expand your knowing?

As a seasoned, articulate, inspiring public speaker and trainer, Virginia offers courses and talks on a variety of topics, including: innovative, powerful communication skills; mindfulness, deep listening, and self-awareness; overcoming career/parenting burn-out; effective uses of creativity (art, visualization, journaling, movement) in educational settings; increasing resilience and self-love; childbirth/parenting education. (Approved continuing education provider for RNs and midwives.)



What are you needing as you face challenges or big change?

Virginia Bobro provides compassionate, effective guidance in her private, personalized coaching sessions. Our work together is especially fruitful for those struggling with big decisions, difficulties, or life transitions, and for anyone seeking support and a shift in perspective. If you are preparing for or coping with childbirth, parenting, career change, divorce, or loss, please reach out. Individual or couples sessions in person, by phone, or online.

Online Gatherings

Stacked stones as a metaphor for birth stories. Photo copyright Virginia Bobro 2016

What is your heart longing for?

Virginia's creative online retreats, webinars, and distance courses offer people around the world the opportunity to connect, learn, and dive deep into personal inquiry, art-making, and self-empowerment. **NEW for 2020: Inanna retreats (online and in-person); classes on preventing, understanding, and processing traumatic birth; opportunities to join my inspiring private Facebook groups for ongoing learning, conversation, and support.

"Virginia has a balance between gentleness and strength, which allows me to push myself into deepest process. I feel her heart is completely open."

- Marcela (Cali, Colombia)

"She moves beautifully from a serious, focused mode to a fun, light-hearted style during group sessions. Gentle, challenging, and focused, Virginia held us, nurtured us, challenged us, calmed us, and gave of herself above and beyond what I expected."

-Amanda (Orange County, California)

"With the gifts of warmth, presence, clarity, and sharpness of mind, Virginia exudes embodied knowledge and is an exquisitely honed storyteller."

- Nette (Tasmania, Australia)

"Virginia worked with us as a doula for the births of our two children. She was extraordinary in both experiences; an angel that brought compassion, love, wisdom, and strength to the whole family. We will be forever thankful for her."

- Mariangélica (Santa Barbara, California)

Let's Begin

Share concerns or comments. Ask questions. Request or inquire about an event. Tell me how I can be of service. I look forward to hearing from you and will be in touch soon!

- Virginia


"There is always a moment in any kind of struggle when one feels in full bloom. Vivid. Alive. One might be blown to bits in such a moment and still be at peace."

- Alice Walker