Explore your experience of giving birth and becoming a parent.

The experience of giving birth and becoming a parent is a unique and intense personal journey through the unknown. Even if you have written down your story or told it to others many times, your birth story is not a fixed story; your birth story changes over time, and depending on where, when, and to whom you tell it. Perhaps there are parts you have never spoken aloud or acknowledged.

Emerging Birth Stories

My birth story healing circles and private sessions are for parents who have had difficult births or who, for any reason, want to explore their experience of giving birth in a nonjudgmental environment.

You will receive what you are longing for: to be truly heard and deeply understood. Your feelings and beliefs will be honored as we move through a powerful and effective storytelling process to help you integrate and make sense of your experience. You will leave your session with a changed perspective and new-found lightness in your body and heart.

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Who Needs This:

If you have feelings of disappointment, confusion, anger, guilt, shame, anxiety, grief, longing, and/or sadness surrounding the events of your pregnancy, birth, early parenting period, and/or breastfeeding, then a Birth Story session is for you. If you are a birth professional, partner, grandparent, or friend who witnessed a distressing or overwhelming birth, then a Birth Story session is for you.

Whether you avoid thinking about specific parts of your experience or constantly replay it in your mind, you may feel ready to change how you think about or give meaning to your birth and parenting experiences. The birth need not be recent for you to benefit. (I work with women who birthed decades ago!)  I especially welcome expectant parents who experienced a challenging previous birth experience or loss and are seeking more joy, confidence, and insight as they prepare to welcome another baby.

This is Important

You may be told that it doesn't really matter how you feel about your birth as long as you had a “good outcome.” For many in our culture, “healthy mother, healthy baby” may be considered the only thing of value. Yet we know inside that it does matter what happened to YOU and within you during this important time in your life. Also, during birth or postpartum, sometimes things do not go as you expected or hoped, and you may have questions about it, or want to learn from your experiences.

Difficult or traumatic births can affect personal relationships, physical and mental well-being, self-esteem, and parenting. While these Birth Story sessions are NOT therapy, many parents and professionals find that their whole outlook becomes more hopeful and experience immediate positive effects in their daily life, work, and relationships-- with themselves and with others.

About Birth Story Groups

In addition to private sessions, I offer both in-person and virtual Birth Story Circles. I create and hold safe, inclusive, trauma-aware spaces that give you an opportunity to join with other birthing parents as we explore the transformative nature of the childbearing year. You will be invited to re-examine your birth and to begin to see it and yourself in a new light.

Birth stories are not told or swapped in any detail, so you don’t need to worry about comparing your story to others or about feeling triggered or judged. You have the opportunity to birth a new story about yourself as a human and as a parent.


Creative Exploration
Using art, journaling, visualization and other reflective processes, we inspire self-awareness, promote healing, and celebrate ourselves as people who have given birth. The emphasis is on inner exploration and healing from within. No artistic skills or experience are needed.

What to Bring
Bring your curiosity, your courage, and your willingness to be your own teacher. An open heart and mind allows space for you to begin or continue a meaningful and healing journey. You’ll also want an unlined journal or notebook and a pen. Art supplies and paper are provided at in-person events. Due to the intense and focused nature of our work, for privacy and focus, babies should be left with a loving caregiver. No observers permitted.

Virginia Bobro

Virginia Bobro

Virginia Bobro worked closely with Pam England (author/founder of Birthing From Within) for over 13 years. With Pam as her mentor, friend, collaborator, and business partner, Virginia has been immersed in a unique approach to preventing and healing from traumatic birth. She has also studied with numerous other leaders in the fields of perinatal health, mental health, grief, and creativity, including Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Michele Cassou, and Gail Tully.

Virginia serves families and birth professionals globally via webinars, online retreats, and distance courses and sessions. Offering in-person childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding education and support throughout Southern California and Nevada, including Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Las Vegas.