A Doula for the Whole Year!

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What are you searching for?

Are you pregnant (or hoping to be) and longing for connection, reliable information, guidance you can trust, and a compassionate, listening ear–all in one person? Are you a single parent or concerned about how your co-parent or family will “be there for you?”  Do you have a history of trauma (birth or other), have lots of concerns or fears, or want to avoid a “bad” or traumatic birth? Are you looking for someone you can rely on for practical and emotional support throughout your childbearing year?  Then you may need a doula for the whole year (not just the birth!).

One thing that is often missing in our current maternity care system is “continuity of care.” While the creation of an ongoing, in-depth relationship during pregnancy and birth is a hallmark and goal of the midwifery model of care, for many parents it’s out of reach. Perhaps your insurance doesn’t cover midwifery care. Maybe you have to switch providers (due to a move, insurance change, or health reasons). Perhaps there are no midwives near you, or you don’t click with them, or you want to birth at a hospital where there are no midwives.

Why you need MORE than a doula (or educator or midwife)

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Doulas can fill some of the gaps and can be essential components of your birthing team. Birth doulas typically offer a couple of hours of contact before and after birth, as well as on-call texting/phone access and support during labor/birth; postpartum doulas jump in after the birth to support the new family. They may be in your life for about 3-4 months. This is a far cry from having a doula for the whole year. Childbirth educators, especially those who offer weekly classes over a month or so, are a valuable complement to the network of support for expectant parents. Breastfeeding counselors, support groups, and friends add another layer of help after birth. Some people love the idea of having the continuity of relationship that a doula offers, but can’t have (or don’t want) an extra person at their birth, or are planning a birth at which they feel a doula would be unnecessary.

Alas, a lot of this education and support is piecemeal, requiring lots of time searching for and finding the right set of people to help over the period of a year (or more). Many birth professionals may be awesome at their specific niche, but do not have training or experience in being trauma-informed, skillful at counseling, or able to see the “big picture” as far as your mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being, as well as how your individual experience unfolds during the entire childbearing year. As you journey from conception through pregnancy to birth and into parenting, you deserve a knowledgable go-to person, someone who knows the ins and outs of all that you might be experiencing and learning about during your childbearing year, AND has spent lots of time getting to know you, your needs, and your situation.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if ONE PERSON could fill most or all of these roles? What if you could have a doula for the whole year who offers: skilled childbirth education, compassionate counseling, breastfeeding help, emotional support and encouragement, wise counsel on your changing relationships (with yourself, your body, your partner, your community), logistical planning, and resources and solutions for every possible obstacle?Birth preparation wordcloud

“Doula for Your Childbearing Year” package

Well, now you can have that amazing doula for the whole year, no matter where you live! Welcome to my newest offering: the comprehensive “Doula for Your Childbearing Year” package. Really, I can be your doula for the whole year! It’s available to anyone in the world, as I typically provide support virtually. (If you’re in Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, or the Los Angeles area, I may be able provide some of my services in person, for any additional fee.) Whether you consider me a birth coach, a perinatal consultant, or a doula extraordinaire, my services are excellent and comprehensive.

My complete package includes 16 sessions (90+ min.) throughout your childbearing year (no more than 4 weeks apart). Start anytime! Sessions can be in any (or all) of the following categories, depending on your needs, and are flexible as your needs change. No matter your life situation or plans for your birth, the extra layer of support and knowledge I can offer is sure to have a positive effect on your journey into parenthood. Each session can be one-on-one (just me and you–the pregnant person), or include your partner(s), friends or other family members (including children), and even your birth team (doula, midwife, etc.).

  • Pre-conception Support (processing previous births; fertility ambivalence; support during fertility treatments)
  • Pregnancy Support  (exploring options for birth, birth-place, provider; navigating changing relationships/roles; mental wellness check-ins; processing previous births)
  • Childbirth Education (personalized birth preparati
    on based on your needs, learning style, and schedule. Your questions and concerns are top priority!)
  • Labor/Birth Check-ins (get ideas or a pep talk; guidance for decision-making; ask questions)
  • First Weeks Support (debrief your birth; breastfeeding support; new parent reassurance and education; coping strategies; physical and emotional healing from birth)
  • Parenting Support (adjustment to parenthood; sex, intimacy, communica
    tion, and relationship issues; self-identify, self-care, and personal growth; parenting styles/decisions around sleep, weaning, discipline; birth story processing)

When you commit to me, I commit to you as your doula for a whole year. In addition to the 15 sessions, I also offer (at no additional fee): email/text/phone support for the duration of our contract, with 24/7 access between your 38th week of pregnancy to 10 days after birth. If you want labor/birth support (either virtually or in-person), that’s a possibility too, depending on my availability. Rest assured, if you want a labor doula and it can’t be me, I’ll help you find just the right one.

Why choose me as your doula for a whole year?

  • Breastfeeding counselor for over 25 years (IBCLC: 2002-2017).
  • Attended births as a doula since 2002.
  • Birth educator since 2002. I’ve taught thousands of expectant parents around the world about pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting.
  • Trained and mentored thousands of perinatal health professionals over the past 16 years (independently since 2017, from 2006-2017 through Birthing From Within).
  • Raised three wonderful children (including twins!) to adulthood.
  • I strive for an inclusive, compassionate, trauma-informed practice, with a focus on depth, change, and personal awareness.
  • I’m continually learning and growing, and typically take 3 to 5 courses or trainings a year on a variety of topics relevant to the childbearing year. (Ask me more about my training and experience.)

I have the temperament, credentials, knowledge, experience, integrity, skills, and compassion that you need and deserve during YOUR childbearing year. Having a doula for the whole year ensures continuity of care, which leads to meaningful connection and deeper trust. The year you give birth is likely one of the more profound and memorable of your life; I want to be there for you.

Many doulas now offer “everything but the birth” doula packages. These typically include two prenatal and two postpartum visits. I offer so much more!

Let’s explore the options together!

Reach out and send a message  or   Book a free consult.

“Doula for the Whole Year” Package: $1399*

  • 15 sessions (90-120 min.) by phone, Zoom, or video-call. Each session can be for an individual parent, a couple, or with other family members of your choice. (In-person visits may entail small travel fee.)
  • Email, text, and phone support for the duration of our contract (12 months), with 24/7 on-call access from your 38th week of pregnancy to 10 days after birth.

Optional add-ons:

  • Additional sessions are always available, at my special reduced rate of $50/hr.
  • Labor/Birth support: In-person: $1000; Virtual: $600

*Payment details:

  • Purchased individually, 16 sessions with me costs over $1700. And that doesn’t include the ongoing phone/text support for a whole year!
  • Full payment is due up front upon signing of contract. No refunds are given; credit will be held for 24 months and may be gifted or donated to others. 
  • Payment plans are available. Please inquire.
  • It’s always an option to choose my services à la carte, if the full package won’t work for you. Find out more.
  • Would you like to gift this a special someone? Please reach out and let’s talk.


About Virginia Bobro

Virginia has provided support and education to expectant parents and families since 1995. Through Birthing From Within, she's trained and mentored thousands of birth professionals globally since 2006, with extensive training and expertise in public speaking, communication skills, mindfulness, creativity, and self-awareness, as well as childbirth, lactation, and the postpartum period. She has raised three wonderful children to adulthood and is a working artist and writer.

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