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Healing from a Difficult Birth

Is your experience of giving birth negatively impacting your life, relationships, or parenting? If so, you're invited to honor the transformative journey of the childbearing year at this intimate {online} class for people who gave birth. If your birth (or early postpartum period) was difficult, disappointing, surprising, or otherwise negative, and you want to begin or continue the healing and integration process, then this real-time gathering is for you. More about Virginia's approach to Birth Story Healing >

You will leave our circle feeling less alone, and with a new-found lightness in body, heart, and mind. Whether six weeks or six years postpartum, the time is right for you to tend to this part of your life story. This is also an appropriate class for second- (or third-) time expectant parents, as making peace with previous births is an essential part of preparation for the next birth.

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Birth Worker Retreats

Feeling stuck, frustrated, burned-out, or overwhelmed in your work (or life)?  Searching for inspiration, time to reflect, and connection with other birth workers beyond your community?  Then my mini-retreats are for you!

My {online} retreats are designed especially for YOU-- those who work with families in the antenatal/postnatal time. This events aim to "refill your cup" with transformative tools and processes for more effectively and mindfully caring for yourself and your clients. Whether you are new to birth-work or a seasoned professional, you'll benefit from this solution-focused, practical, and inspirational retreat. Taking time for reflection is important in helping overcome burn-out, frustration, vicarious (secondary) trauma, and caregiver fatigue. When we commit to taking time for personal development, we rediscover and reconnect to deeper meaning in our work and life. This allows us to be our best selves and provide optimal care and support to families with more ease, purpose, effectiveness, and joy.

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Two-hour interactive real-time group experience, for connection, inspiration, insight, and renewal.

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I can create a unique and nourshing online retreat experience for your workplace, doula group, or parenting circle.

Inanna's Journey, Your Journey: A Special Online Experience

A special month-long online course for those seeking meaning and healing in times of challenge and transition. Inspired by the Sumerian myth of Inanna's Descent.

Imagine a space where you connect with others who value meaningful, compassionate explorations of universal life experiences such as birth, illness, death, loss, joy, fear, doubt, love, friendship, and courage.  A space where you will touch and respond to your own inner truth and intuition, and leave behind that which no longer serves you.

Imagine a fertile ground where your creative soul is sparked, nurtured, and bears fruit.

Imagine being guided through the unknown territory of your life by following the ancient footsteps of a mythic, powerful goddess who is brought to her knees again and again, then rises and returns with deep knowing and wisdom. She is you.

We create this space, till this ground, and unfold this map, just for you.

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You are welcome to participate in the way that works for you, for your learning style, and for your life. Your journey can be private or communal. You'll have permanent access to the journal, and all videos + calls. 

June 2-30, 2020 

Course has been postponed until Sept/Oct. 2020. If you'd like to be notified when the new dates are set, please sign up for my mailing list.


At this time, I am only offering online events.

In-person events are being considered for Fall/Winter 2020 in Southern California and Las Vegas. Please check back again soon, join my mailing list, or request an event for your group (online or in-person).


Fall/Winter 2020

In-person events are being considered for Fall/Winter 2020 in Southern California and Las Vegas. Please check back again soon, join my mailing list, or request an event for your group (online or in-person).

Stacked stones as a metaphor for birth stories. Photo copyright Virginia Bobro 2016

Interested in a tailor-made online event or training for your group? Whether you need continuing ed. for birth professionals (on breastfeeding, birth trauma, or communication skills) or a meaningful, personalized retreat with friends, I am happy to work with you to create a wonderful experience.

I am an approved provider of continuing education through the Nevada Board of Registered Nursing, and can work with you to provide CE hours for certain educational topics.


"Plant a seed: Grow a Village" - CAPEA Conference (Childbirth and Parenting Educators of Australia)
Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter: Melbourne, Australia; May 23-25, 2018